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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Hereby you can find the frequently asked or possible questions about FunctionCube with their answers.

  • Is Function Cube free?
    • Yes, Function Cube with all its services are completely free to use.
  • How Function Cube get funded?
    • Function Cube get funded by third party ads like Google Ads.
  • Does Function Cube has an API?
    • Currently no. But it might has in the future.
  • Is Function Cube compatible with mobile devices like smart phones and tablets?
    • Yes, Function Cube is perfectly optimized for almost all mobile devices.
  • Is there an easy way to reach Function Cube via browsers like browser extensions or desktop apps?
    • Best way to reach FunctionCube website quickly is using browser bookmarks / favourites. Just click to "add to favourites" or "bookmark this page" buttons (they are usually a star icon) which can be found at nearby the browser address bar when you inside the Function Cube. You'll be able to one-click reach to Function Cube after you favourited or bookmarked it.

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