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Function Cube was found by Kaan Çamur in October 2020 to help people who need some quick tools for some simple processes. Let's take a look what he said about Function Cube;

One day, i had to divide a number into 30 (or different) random number groups for my work. I searched on internet but interestingly, i couldn't find any online tool for this process. Since i'm a programmer, i created my own tool with using my algorithm skills that day, but i also noticed that it will be good if i create a free online version for other people who might need this kind of tool. Then i began to work in my first free time i found and built Function Cube in a few days. At the design and building process, i asked myself why i don't add more tools except divide numbers? Then i decided to build some simple tools more like splitting texts, generate numbers and generate letters. By the time, I might add more useful tools and functions to Function Cube according to people's potential needs. Although these tools are not a year saver, i'm sure they'll make lots of people's day. (Kaan Çamur - October 5, 2020)

That's the story of FunctionCube, your free online data toolset. If you've questions, recommends or anything to say, please use contact forms in the website.